Teepee Tent with Dog Mat

Teepee Tent with Dog Mat

$61.99 — $101.99

$52.69 — $86.69

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Product Information

  • Contact Us for additional fabric options.
  • Our teepees are handicraft, and are a unique creation.
  • The teepee/ tent comes with two-sided pillow/ cushion for your pet to enjoy comfortable inside teepee. The color is selected to match with teepee fabric colors/ patterns.
  • 4-posts are wooden poles, and tied with manila rope.
  • Pre-assembly & Ready to install –  You only need to unpack and enjoy!
  • Washable – easy to clean, just take posts off
  • Handy and lightweight
  • Extra shipping fee applies to this product
  • Available in various sizes (cm):•
  • Size M: 48x48x80 H suits a small dog eg Chihuahua
  • Size L: 58x58x90 H suits a  small dog eg Italian Greyhound, Pomeranian, Puddle
  • Size XL: 75x75x105 H suits a medium dog eg Corkie