Sundance Sweater

Sundance Sweater

$32.99 — $40.99

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Hand knit colorful wool dog  sweater for the stylish hound dog by Chilly Dog Sweaters!  These are the warmest and best quality sweaters you will find out there! Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold!


Product Information

Material:  100% Wool and plant dyes

Fabric Care: Wash in gentle cycle cold water in garment bag or hand wash. Recommend hang dry to avoid shrinking


 Length  Width  Fits
Extra Extra Small  8-in to 9-in  5-in  2 lbs – 5-lbs
Extra Small  12-in to 13-in  6-in  5 lbs – 10-lbs
 Small  15-in to 17-in  8.5-in  10 lbs – 18-lbs
 Medium  19-in to 21-in  10-in  18 lbs – 28 lbs
 Large  23-in to 25-in  10.5-in  28 lbs – 30 lbs

Country of Origin: Created by the Inca Artisans in South American enabling them to support a better lifestyle in their small villages by being paid a fair living wage.



Made in Ecuador