Apparel – London Slicker Dog Raincoat

Apparel - London Slicker Dog Raincoat

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Why let rain ruin outdoor activities with your dog? London Slicker Dog Raincoat offers a stylish and sensible solution that provides your dog waterproof protection from inclement weather. Hooded raincoat covers your dog from head to base of tail and wraps around flanks to keep your dog from getting soaked.

London Slicker Dog Raincoat feature fastening straps at chest and neck, that ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Reflective strips on the raincoat to enhance safety and leash opening with protective flap offer convenience without sacrificing function.


Product Information

Material:  Outer shell – PUL  Lining – cotton lining

Fabric Care: Wash in gentle cycle cold water in garment bag or hand wash. Recommend hang dry to avoid shrinking.

Sizing: Before placing your order we recommend you review our guide to Measuring Your Dog for helpful tips.

Size Neck Circumference Chest Girth Length
Small 9-in to 11-in 12-in to 14-in 15-in to 18-in
Medium 15-in to 18-in 19-in to 23-in 24-in to 28-in
Large 8-in to 10-in 12-in to 14-in 16-in to 18-in

Measurements = all around measurement when closed at tightest point.




  1. Length: Measure your pet from the base of his neck to the base of his tail as shown in the illustration.
  2. Girth: Measure around the broadest part of your dog’s chest – just behind the front legs.
  3. Always round up to the next larger size if your measurements meet or exceed the maximum measurement (or range of measurements) in the smaller size. This is particularly important for coats and jackets, since those garments typically do not stretch.
  4. Also, round up to the next larger size if your pet has a thick coat, broad chest, or wide underside.

REMEMBER, slightly looser fitting clothing is more comfortable and looks better than clothing that is too tight. If in doubt, order one size larger.