About Us


all-breed-dog-coat-barking-bitches Barking Bitches is a small local Colorado company, that is dedicated in employing local seniors to produce our handmade signature products.  Our products use only the finest materials to create high quality dog apparel and accessories to stand up to weather protecting your pet from the elements. We are dedicated in partnering with other small pet businesses to boost the economy and introduce the community to other great pet products.
When you purchase our products a portion of the sale is donate to animal shelters and rescues to assist with their day-to-day operations.


Barking Bitches Owner Ken Carrick

Ken Carrick, President and Buddy, VP of Operations

Raised in Wilmington, North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  His small town up bringing of family, friends and neighbors supporting each other through good and bad times provided a foundation that guides him in his life today.  As an adult, he has taken those childhood values and applied them  to issues that are close to his heart.  Those issues are :
  • Educating the public on animal issues and the importance to make animal abuse laws tougher
  • Provide Colorado senior citizen a way to supplement their income
  • Keeping art programs in public schools.
Ken relocated to the Denver metro area in 2000. In 2013 he suffered an injury that almost left him paralyzed from the neck down. After the surgery to reconstruct the C4-C6 in his neck to enclose the spinal cord and a 12-month recovery, today he is able to walk and carry on normal activities
During his recovery period, his local news station KUSA aired a investigated report on senior's struggling with making ends meet with the lack of increase to their social security income.  Around the same time Denver was in the middle of the housing foreclosure.  KUSA aired a story detailing the housing foreclosure's impact to family pets.  Many family were loosing their homes in the Denver metro area and were having to relocated to rental properties that would not except pets.  In some cases, family pets  were surrendered to animal shelters because families could no longer afford to care for their pet.  This lead to many family pet's being placed into already over crowded animal shelters around the Denver metro area.
Barking Bitches was started on an idea of  designing dog and dog lover products and utilizing seniors sewing experience, allowing them a source to supplement their income.    How to sell them?    That was the creation of the website Barking Bitches to sell the products.  Now circling back to help the animals through the sell of these products.   A portion of every purchase on BarkingBitches.com goes to support one of our non profit animal shelters around the US. There are many times there is not a profit, so we donate our products to the shelters for silent auction items help them raise money for their day to day operations.  Ken's goal is help every dog who is in a shelter find a new loving home.
His new adventure is building alliances with other small pet companies that provide safe, quality products that Barking Bitches does not make.  His belief in together we are stronger then we can make a greater impact to those animals in need that can not speak for themselves.