June Charity Spotlight

These are a few of the nonprofits working to better the lives of homeless animals:  

How You Can Help



Most of the nonprofit work would not be possible with out your generous donations.  Find a local animal rescue and check out their facilities.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of animal nonprofits. With an active volunteer force many times the size of staff, volunteers make it possible for us to serve more than 60,000 animals each year, without ever turning an animal away.


Research for a rescue that has a foster program.   Foster homes makes it possible for rescues to care for more animals with a ad range of specific care needs—from orphaned kittens who need round-the-clock feedings to cats and dogs for whom the shelter environment is too stressful and does not allow them to exhibit their true personalities.


Larger rescue facilities may  offer marketing benefits and great visibility for companies with exposure to thousands of local pet owners and animal lovers. The greatest reward comes from knowing your sponsorship enables them to serve more aimals each year.