How to Choose the Correct Fabric for Your Dog Coat

How to Choose the Correct Fabric for Your Dog Coat
all-breed-dog-coat-barking-bitchesDeciding to buy a coat for a dog can be a sensible decision, especially when considering how cold the UK winters can be. There is a wide range of different dog coats on the market and it is important to find the right coat for the right type of dog. The different types of dog coat available suit various size dogs, and working out which type is right for the dog depends on their specific needs. It could be that the dog is only wearing the coat for style purposes in which case the resilience of the fabric is less important. But in most instances it is worn to keep them dry, warm and safe from wind, especially if they are a shorthaired breed. Buying dog coats online is a straightforward process and provides the buyer with an extensive variety of products to choose from. Using eBay gives the buyer the opportunity to look through a range of different products and make the right decision from the range. Choosing the right fabric is just as important as choosing the right style and design, so such an extensive range means buyers should have no difficulty finding a product that meets their needs.

Typical Types of Dog who Need Coats

Although many buyers choose to by dog goats purely for the way they look but there are health benefits to dog coats for certain types of dog. The dogs listed below can benefit physically from a properly fitted, warm winter coat:
  • Greyhounds – dogs with thin body types including greyhounds, lurchers and whippets require extra warmth.
  • Small Dogs – breeds including Chihuahuas
  • Elderly or seriously ill dogs with conditions such as arthritis.
  • All these types of dog have difficultly generating and maintaining their own body heat and, therefore, benefit from extra added layers for warmth. Fleece and lambskin materials are ideal for linings for coats for dogs that need that extra layer of warmth.

Fitting a Dog Coat

There are three specific measurements needed for fitting a coat for a dog properly. Getting these measurements right ensures the coat chosen is a snug fit and is comfortable for the dog in question. The three measurements needed are: The Topline – the measurement across the dog’s back. It is taken from the withers (the highest point of the shoulders) to the base of the tail. Girth – the measurement of the dog’s chest. It is taken from the widest area on the dog’s rib-cage, usually situated just behind the withers, and then follows down around to the behind the front legs. Neck – the measurement of where the dog’s collar would naturally lie. The neck measurement is essential for buying a coat as it needs to fit comfortably over the dog’s head without any constriction or pulling. With these three measurements owners can guarantee they’re buying a coat which will be comfortable for their dog without them needing to try it on. The dog’s comfort is central to the whole process being a success and, therefore, proper measurements are essential. Without taking the dog’s comfort into consideration there is very little chance that they’ll ever wear the chosen coat.  

Tips for choosing a Dog Coat

There are three main elements that a dog coat is designed to keep out. Here is a closer look at these three factors and what types of material would be the most successful in protecting against them. dog-raincoat Wind Coats to protect dogs against the wind need to combine two layers – an outer windproof waterproof layer, which tends to be a breathable poly-fabric and an inner fleece or lambskin fabric. Cold Coats to protect dogs from the cold can be a simple one layer fleece-based or lambskin design with a simple protective covering on the outside. Rain Coats to protect dogs from the rain need to be waterproof and in most instances would be the same as those to protect from the wind with two layers combining a waterproof covering and a soft warm fleece or lambskin lining. If it’s for warmer climes where there’s rain it is possible to buy a one layer waterproof coats. These are the reasons behind choosing each type of fabric. It does often depend on your climate. Finding the right coat for the individual dog as well as the climate in the area is essential for guaranteeing they’re kept warm enough and don’t suffer due to exposure to the elements.  

Caring for Dog Clothes

In most instances dog clothes can be treated in the same way as those for men and women. They can be washed in the washing machine and those with a protective layer can be sponged down if they get dirty or muddy. It is advisable not to use biological washing powder or additional fabric conditioners when washing dog clothes, as it could cause irritation to the dog’s skin. For hairier dogs it is not a good idea to put their coats and other clothes into the washing machine as the loose hairs could clog the drain. Instead they will need to be hand washed and the hairs removed by hand. The majority of products are produced similarly to regular clothes so will come with their own washing instructions on the label. If they have a number of attached layers and items it is also advisable to wash them in a separate mesh bag so all the pieces are kept together and as with regular washing stains should be pre-treated. Coats should be left to dry fully before use again as skin irritation is often caused by dampness.  

Cost-Effective Dog Coats

There are dog coats in all the preferred fabrics available on eBay at a range of competitive prices. There are basic entry level products which could be considered great value, but may not stand the test of time as well as products with a higher price. The most budget-friendly options are those which will protect the dog against the elements and last without being hugely expensive and eBay offers a range of products in every price bracket to meet individual user needs. Having a budget before making a purchase makes finding the right products much easier, and the price range refinement option through eBay allows buyers to narrow down the results to specific products within their chosen area. Whatever the budget selected, buyers can be sure to get some choice and the chance to compare using eBay.  


Just like people dogs need to keep warm in colder, wetter weather, and there are a range of coats on the market to facilitate this need. Some buyers want coats purely for style whilst others want to protect their pets against the elements and there are products on the market to meet all needs. Ensuring the chosen dog coat is a proper fit is essential for it to work effectively and therefore measuring the dog properly before buying is a must. There are coats for all climates and different weather types and buyers should keep in mind the needs of their dog before making a purchase. Using eBay to buy dog coats gives the buyer access to the widest possible range. Many dog cloths retailers come together on the single site giving buyers the chance to browse through hundreds of listings before making their final decision. The refinement options at the site mean that buying should be no problem whether the budget is small or large and all buyers have the potential to buy the dog coat they need.

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